When setting a goal, one of the most important factors we need to understand is our reason or our ‘why’?

Why do you want to start a business?

Why do you want to lose 10lbs?

Why do you want to find your soulmate?

On the surface, the ‘whys’ behind these goals seem pretty damn obvious, but let’s dig a little deeper…

But why?

Taking the business example, why do you want to start a business? Well, maybe you want to earn an uncapped amount of money, ditch your boss or work your own hours. Maybe you want to be able to provide for your family. Maybe you desire fame and fortune and you believe that pursuing your business dream might make that a reality.

But why do you want those things?🤔

Taking the ‘ditching your boss’ example, maybe you don’t want to ‘be managed’. Maybe you desire more creative freedom or to follow a path that sets your soul on fire. Maybe you want financial freedom to do what you want, when you want or to take 10 weeks off each year to travel the world. Maybe being able to travel and work is what you really desire. These reasons are far more powerful than setting a goal to ‘start a business’.

But why do you want those things?

It’s worth digging and digging until you find the core of your why. The truth behind your desires. Keep asking yourself ‘but why?’ until you can’t go any further. Then you’ll know you’ve landed at your core reason. Your true ‘why’.

And the interesting part is, your goal may change once you have found your REAL reason.

For example, your goal may be to lose 10lbs, but your ‘why’ maybe so you can chase your kids around the park without getting puffed out. Well, your goal probably isn’t a weight loss goal, but a fitness goal. The weight loss could be a welcome side effect. If your ultimate goal is to be able to run around the park with your kids, you need to dig into your why from there.


Using this example, take your goal and keep asking ‘but why’ until you run out of answers.

For example, taking the fitness goal: ‘I want to lose 10lbs’.

Q. Why do you want to lose 10lbs?

A. Because I want to be able to chase my kids around the park without getting out of breath.

Q. Why?
A. Because I love my kids and want to share fun times with them.

Q. But why?

A. Because they won’t be kids forever and I don’t want to miss out on these precious moments.

Q. But why?

A. ……..

When you get to a place where you can’t go any further, you’ve found your why! So the initial goal to lose 10lbs becomes a goal to ‘get fit and healthy so I don’t miss out on my kids’ childhoods’.

That’s a bit of a stronger goal than ‘lose 10lbs’, don’t you think?

Why the wording of your goal matters

So, why is your why so important?

When we set a goal, we’re often initially flooded with motivation to get going. But the problem is, motivation ebbs and flows. It’s not going to stick around throughout your journey and you need something else to focus on to keep you going. Your why.

Your why is what you need to focus on when the going gets tough.

If you’re on a journey to better health and fitness, your why will help get you out of bed in the morning for a run and will help you choose salad over chips for dinner.

Knowing you’re doing it so you don’t miss out on making precious childhood memories with your kids is a pretty strong reason.

Your why is your driving force and by having a strong enough why, you’ll be unstoppable.

Over to you!

Let me know in the comments, what is your why and has your goal changed in light of this?