Feeling stressed-OUT and overwhelmed?

You’re not alone

Would you like to banish stress and overwhelm to embrace a happier and more fulfilling life, bursting with fun?

To go from merely existing to living a life that lights you up and excites you?

It’s time to stop thinking and start doing.


I’m Nicky Foulkes, a mindset coach, writer and doting mummy to two enigmatic young ladies.

As a coach, I’m here to help you create an incredible life, bursting with fun and happiness through guidance, support and mindset shifts.

As a writer, I work with individuals and brands to share their unique stories and messages with the world through value-driven, bespoke content.

I believe whole-heartedly in the power of coaching to help take you from where you are to where you want to be.

I’ve experienced the results of one-on-one coaching first-hand and believe everyone deserves to experience the excitement of a life you truly love.



“When I first started with Nicky, I was struggling with my health goals and putting my self first. I knew I had to make changes to make myself a priority so I can be a better Mum, partner and coach.

My first session, I have experienced so much warmth, light and a clear direction towards my vision. The biggest change I have seen is believing in myself, I have become more focused and willing to make permanent changes in my life. I have looked forward to our sessions, her smile, her friendly and warm approach, has allowed me to trust her. Being a Mum herself, she is compassionate and understanding while softly nudges me to take ownership of my vision. My experience with Nicky has been so much fun, empowering and I felt very supported throughout my coaching series.”

Jenny Carver



Location: Perth, Western Australia

Phone: 0416 095 619 |Β Email: nicky@nickyfoulkes.com

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