Why I wrote a book


If you’ve not heard, I wrote a book!📖

When I grow up, I want to be a kid: 18 lessons from the people we thought we were teaching.

The fact that I can finally say that makes me so happy. 

This has been a lifelong dream of mine and although it might not be the Enid Blyton-style novel I assumed I would write when I was in primary school, it’s definitely something that I’m pleased to have written.

I’m also proud I took action and managed to complete the whole process and bring something into the world that might help shine a new perspective on life for those who need this message. 

Why did I write a book? 

Other than it being my lifelong dream to be a published author, I wrote this book because it was what I needed to read at that point in my life.

And it still is.

I still need to refer back to it to check myself if I feel I’m spiralling into chaos and overwhelm. Heck, I’m human and it happens to us all from time to time.


Behind the book

After my second daughter was born, I found that spending time with my two young humans meant I absorbed their behaviours and wide-eyed outlook on life. I honestly thought I was just ‘winging’ this whole adult thing and hadn’t really grown up until I realised just how far removed I am from the playful, carefree example my daughters set.


I soon realised that in many ways, kids are the ones who have the right idea. They’re not afraid to be themselves, without worrying about what other people think. They live in the moment and do what they feel like. 

As I mention in my book, this isn’t something we, as adults, can often get away with, but I feel as though in some ways, we’ve swung too far in the other direction. 

Society, our peers and our experiences have dictated another way for us to act. While often this simply comes down to acceptable behaviour, in other ways, I believe it crushes the very essence that makes us, well, us!


How about you?

What did you love doing as a kid that you don’t do anymore? Would you do it again given half a chance?

Did you play football, do gymnastics, play the guitar or just hang around with your mates telling silly jokes and laughing until you cried (or peed yourself)?

Do you still do those things now? 

In my book, ‘When I grow up, I want to be a kid’, I look at how we as adults can re-learn some of the behaviours that made life fun and whimsical, before we were conditioned by society to act in a certain way.

I’m not being twee in suggesting this. I’ve incorporated tangible examples of things that as an adult, I can get away with doing that make life a little brighter and less chaotic.



So, why did I write this book? Because I needed the reminder as much as anyone to take life a little less seriously. To live in the moment. To have fun. To not give a flying fork what anyone thinks.

To be ME again. 


If this sounds like something you could work on, When I grow up, I want to be a kid: 18 lessons from the people we thought we were teaching is available now on Amazon.

When I grow up, I want to be a kid is also available for purchase as a paperback, directly from the author (that’s me)! Select your option below and you can pay via Paypal. Easy peasy!

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